Driving Lessons - explained

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  Driving Lessons - Explained 
When you begin your driving lesson, you will follow a syllabus which, once completed,
will ensure that you are fully prepared for your practical driving test.
If you have had previous driving experience, your Instructor will make an assessment
to ascertain what standard you have already achieved and what your individual requirements
are to get you up to test standard.
The Topics that your Instructor will cover include:
Cockpit Drill, Controls and Precautions
Moving Off and Stopping (including the Hazard Routine)
  move off  stop
Gears and Steering
Approach to turn Left and Right
approcah left  approach right
Emerge Left and Right
emerge left  emerge right
Cross Roads
x rds
Signals and Pedestrian Crossings
t lights   zebra yellow box
  astra 10 RAB
Meeting traffic and Anticipation
One Way Systems
Dual Carriageways and Overtaking
Reversing Manoeuvre:
You will also be taught how to carry the three reversing  manoeuvres; one of which you will be asked to demostrate during your DVSA Practical Driving Test.  (See the link below)
Independant Driving:
During your Driving Lessons, you will also learn how to drive independantly. This means you will be able to follow road signs or directions from a Sat Nav; without the need for input or prompting from your Instructor.
During your DVSA Practical Driving Test the Driving Examiner will ask 1 in 5 candidates to follow road signs; the other 4 out of 5 candidates will be asked to follow directions from a Sat Nav (provided and set up by the Driving Examiner).  Do not worry if you take a wrong turn or require any clarification from the Driving Examiner as long as you drive safely with 'Effective All Round Observation' is what matters.
See the link (below) for more details: